Private Coaching

Rose Marie Rupley

Budgeting Coach for Actors


Sessions are $60 for one hour.

Rose Marie coaches in person
or via Skype if you live outside the New York area. In NYC, she is
available to meet at a coffee shop or if all parties are comfortable, at your apartment, since quick access to your financial records is best.

About Rose Marie Rupley

Rose Marie is Acting Business Boot Camp’s Budgeting Coach for Actors. She has been trained extensively in the Actor’s Budgeting System by Peter Pamela herself and understands the unique challenges facing actors financially.

Are you:

  • Struggling to make ends meet?
  • Scared to look at your bank account?
  • Want strategies that allow you to save up for headshots, or take classes, or that short film you want to make?

During your initial session you will learn the ABBC Budget System, have it molded to fit your individual needs and wants and learn what it means to be financially responsible and free.

Being an artist a does NOT mean you need to live paycheck to paycheck!